all about Art-Share

Part of the national “Buy Local” movement, Art-Share is based in the western Finger Lakes Region and  intended to encourage artists to be a prominent and positive attribute to community identity and local culture, commerce, and identity. Art-Share is an initiative to develop artist-customer relationships and receive limited edition ceramics in return.

Art-Share presents an opportunity for patrons and collectors to establish a direct relationship with their local artist and participate in an innovative model of sustainable production and distribution. Art-Share is like the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model of locally based agriculture and food distribution. In the CSA model, support comes from individuals who invest in their local farm at the beginning of the growing season then later receive a share of the food as it is harvested.

Individuals that sign up for an Art-Share membership invest in the artist, essentially commissioning them to make “small batch” or limited editions that are distributed throughout a four month period, July through October. In the first season of Art-Share, Kala Stein, artist and founder, will solely be making the work that is distributed to members in the Finger Lakes and Rochester areas. The membership will be limited to 30 individuals.

After the members enroll in Art-Share, they will receive a series of ceramic mugs. The title of the first series, called Cupboard, alludes not only to the group of cups each member receives, but also to the domestic space of the cupboard and where these objects ought to live.

Stein is enthusiastic about this mode of making and selling, she says “Its more related to the old world patron-artist relationship where there is trust and belief in the artist to make their work. The system of Art-Share attempts intimate and authentic transactions as compared to conventional marketplace models.”

Kala Stein is a native to the Finger Lakes region. She teaches at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University and shows her work locally and nationally. For more information about Kala’s work visit and for more information about art & culture in the Finger Lakes region click on the below logos. Questions? email me

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